christmas show from 2019 . . . . I had this work taking part . . . .

on show in bergen – the netherlands more info here: Galerie Schlessart youtube video of artists taking part          

as part of this year Whanganui Literary Festival more info here: space gallery here’s a coupleof the works:  

I had a couple of books taking part in this show: ‘Image and Text’ in conjunction with Mildura’s Writers Festival –¬†July 17 – August 5th 2019

from march 2019 rayner bros facebook      

more info available here: space gallery    

more info available here: designers speak-up                                  

I have a drawing on show in this show: more details here: here’s a detail of the work: (photo by space gallery)              

I have a print taking part in this show: more details available here: this is the print: