christmas show from 2019 . . . . I had this work taking part . . . .


Upcoming event (I did the cover drawing) . . . . . . . It is 18 November, 1982. Neil Ian Roberts is 22 years old. He walks up to the Police Computer Centre in Whanganui, at 12.35am. Victoria University Press and Whanganui Regional Museum warmly invite you to the launch of Dear Neil Roberts by Airini Beautrais on Friday … Read More

this show has been extended until the 22nd of June.

The Ideal Home show is on now at the Rayner Brothers Gallery it includes Mark Rayners candle sticks and furniture and Pauls Rayners matchstick works and my fruniture and lamp works. Below are some installation shots of the show, and here are a couple of close up shots: stear hooks: mantel clock: wall lamp:

So this was an exercise in filling in the gaps The added woods are mostly cedar more offcuts from the local door factory. Since its winter it’ll be used for kindling.  

spent a couple of hours this weekend getting in touch with the photocopier with in, but using letterpress and wood cut not toner and electricity. the result are some postcards for a local bookshop:

well ¬†after a bit of glueing clamping and sanding here’s the latest bit of furniture: front view: side view: and the back: