Dear Neil Roberts, Cover Design, VUP Wellington

August 26, 2014


A recient drawing commission for a poetry book cover
that is now on sale follow this link for details:




It is November 18, 1982.
Neil Ian Roberts is 22 years old.
He walks up to the Police Computer Centre
in Whanganui, at 12.35am.

Who was Neil Roberts? This is the search for the story of a quiet young man, an anarchist, a figure who moves differently, or vanishes altogether, in different versions of history. How are such people remembered; how are they forgotten?

As much a work of documentary as poetry, this extraordinary book considers the uncomfortable event of Neil Roberts’s death, its significance in the context of 1980s New Zealand, and how this action has reverberated through others’ lives, including the poet’s own.

Cover by Catherine Macdonald.
64 pages, 210×165

(text and image taken fron the VUP website)

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