on show in bergen – the netherlands more info here: Galerie Schlessart youtube video of artists taking part          

as part of this year Whanganui Literary Festival more info here: space gallery here’s a coupleof the works:  

I had a couple of books taking part in this show: ‘Image and Text’ in conjunction with Mildura’s Writers Festival – July 17 – August 5th 2019

more info available here: space gallery    

more info available here: designers speak-up                                  

I have a drawing on show in this show: more details here: https://spacestudiogallery.co.nz here’s a detail of the work: (photo by space gallery)              

I have a print taking part in this show: more details available here: https://www.theartvault.com.au/index.php?id_cms=6&controller=cms this is the print:

took part again this year updated and modified event website here: https://openstudios.co.nz (me in my messy studio below)

I have an animation taking part in this years Arts Review, further information available here: http://www.sarjeant.org.nz/gallery/2019-pattillo-whanganui-arts-review/ Also taking part is this collaborative book, that I was involved with:

on show now: An exhibition by Michael Haggie and Catherine Macdonald celebrating the classical art of life drawing What is life drawing? Life drawing is the activity of drawing live, typically nude, models.Life drawing is a very private but not prurient activity.  It takes place in a quiet studio room.  The nude body is there to be discovered by drawing unashamedly.  … Read More