and just a quick – “breakout” bit of drawing in the morning before the workshop: and where it sits next to the window: <——-window starts here

a couple of shots of how it is looking at night: and while we are there, a couple of closer in details:        

a few changes happened on the saturday before the workshop: the weeds from the last visit grew- again, and below them things started to get dark:   and a couple of other spots got grounded:    

a few changes happened over Easter: the weeds from the last visit grew,   here is the after                                                                        and here is the before  

while I was up for the opening I took the opportunity to add a little something: the addition of some roadworks. and        

and here are a couple of shot at night: and a couple of details:  

last day of this drawing session – the afternoon was spent much the same as the morning, lines, birds and talking to the folk:   and here is the shot of the wall(or in this case door) text:      

last day of this drawing session – the morning has been spent extending lines and adding flocks of birds:    

and this evening by the lights of night:  

the afternoon was spent adding to this: and then drawing this: here it is a little closer up: