on show now: An exhibition by Michael Haggie and Catherine Macdonald celebrating the classical art of life drawing What is life drawing? Life drawing is the activity of drawing live, typically nude, models.Life drawing is a very private but not prurient activity.  It takes place in a quiet studio room.  The nude body is there to be discovered by drawing unashamedly.  … Read More

I have a chair taking part in this show further information available here: https://spacestudiogallery.co.nz here’s a shot of the work: garden furniture 2018 plywood rims and pencil paint and varnish

if you are in whanganui over the next weeks check this out: visit their facbook page for further info: https://www.facebook.com/raynerbrothers/   here’s my contributions front: and here’s its back:

Poetics has been on show in Napier Last day to view: I have the following work in it:

The above show opens this friday. I have the following work in it:

check out the australilan print councils facebook page for more info on the commission and what else is going on: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Print-Council-of-Australia/264721736849 further details on the commission can be found on the print council website: http://www.printcouncil.org.au/commissioned-prints

further details can be found on the print council website: http://www.printcouncil.org.au/commissioned-prints below is some further information taken from a recient print council newsletter:   the above gallery link wont work so try clicking on this: https://www.gcsgallery.com.au/news/postitem/36 and here is a shot of the edition all printed and ready to go:  

  just another walk in the park 2013 – window installation wicksteed street whanganui pencil drawings with stencil writing – photocopied blog address for this show is: wordonthestreetwhanganui.wordpress.com and here are some close ups of the window panes . . . . . . . . . . .                       … Read More

for further information on this event: http://wordonthestreetwhanganui.wordpress.com/ for other nz book month events visit: http://www.nzbookmonth.co.nz/

Up coming exhibition: